We’re Hiring Salesforce-Certified Administrators and Developers!

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CentralApp is hiring Salesforce-certified Administrators and Developers to join our workforce serving clients across the country.


Are you:

  • Salesforce-certified?
  • Based in the U.S.?
  • Interested in remote work?
  • Looking to make a career change? Or building a side hustle?
  • Interested in the freedom of working when/where you like?
  • Trying to get started in the Salesforce ecosystem, but need experience? 

Then we’re looking for you! 


CentralApp is Hiring Salesforce-Certified Administrators and Developers

The successful candidates will be admitted to the CentralApp Talent Exchange, a free, invite-only network of tech professionals. Talent Exchange members are eligible to work on projects for CentralApp’s diverse client base. And you’re eligible for a signing bonus! Once you’re invited to the Talent Exchange and complete the first 10-hours on the job, you’re eligible to receive a $500 signing bonus. 

Work hours are flexible, and you can work from home, as long as you are based in the United States and a US Citizen. We are particularly looking for candidates working and living within the Appalachian region. Talent Exchange members are not employees of CentralApp. Instead, they are self-employed or freelance contractors. 


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To gain an invitation to participate in the CentralApp Talent Exchange, start by completing an application. Only the most qualified applicants will be invited to work through the Exchange. CentralApp does NOT charge an application or a membership fee. It costs nothing to find jobs through CentralApp.

Check out this video of Beth Fanning Taylor, a 3x-certified Salesforce Consultant with the CentralApp Talent Exchange


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Interested in joining the Talent Exchange as an Administrator or Developer? We’d love to hear from you! 

Interested in the Talent Exchange but haven’t passed your Salesforce Administrator certification yet? Join us for a free webinar on August 24 at 7:00 PM to learn more about CentralApp, the Talent Exchange, and how you can launch a new career! 

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