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Employees implementing business automation processes with Salesforce.

5 Business Processes to Automate in Salesforce — Today

Save time and money by automating these 5 business processes 

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There’s something comforting about a routine. From a tried-and-true evening ritual to a set of tasks to start your workday off right, a good routine can get things done. But comfort and consistency don’t always equal maximum productivity. Are your routines and processes moving your business forward - or holding you back? Are you mindlessly repeating the same tasks just because it’s become a habit? 

Your team juggles a lot. Free up their time and energy by automating some of your processes with Salesforce!

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5 Tips to Improve Salesforce User Adoption

Onboarding and Training Your Salesforce Users 

You know that Salesforce is a great investment for your business. But only if your team is on board. And change can be hard. So how do you ensure everyone's using the system? A great user adoption plan! The suggestions in this guide will get you started, but it’s also important to collect feedback from your users and alter your approach based on their needs. We’ve broken this guide down into two main parts — strategy and tactics. 

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Clean Up Your Salesforce Data

6 Tips to Improve Data Quality, Standardize
and Validate in Your Salesforce Org

Data is the cornerstone of building your business. It drives sales and marketing and guides product development. It can help you predict what may be in store for your business and your customers next week, next quarter, or next year. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to grow — or even maintain the status quo. 

The problem is, turning all that data into something usable isn’t always easy. Most companies have datasets that are fragmented, duplicative, and, quite frankly, a mess. 

You have Salesforce, so you know the potential to make better use of your data is there... but you’re not quite sure where to begin. 

We get that. And we can help! Here are six easy tips to put your data to work for your business.

How to Clean Up Your Salesforce Data in 6 Steps 

  1. Establish a Data Management Team
  2. Use Reports and Dashboards to Identify the Problems
  3. Create Duplicate-Catching Rules
  4. Develop a Data-Hygiene Schedule and Maintenance Plan
  5. Control Data Capture and Input
  6. Put Your Data to Use - Using your data regularly helps keep it clean!
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5 Signs You Need a Salesforce Admin

Whether you're brand new to Salesforce or have been using it for ages, chances are you've wondered how to get the most out of the system. A Salesforce Administrator can help you maintain data quality, align the Salesforce platform to your business processes, and encourage user adoption. Wondering if your organization needs an Admin? Here are 5 signs you might:  

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