5 Signs You Need a Salesforce Admin

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Whether you're brand new to Salesforce or have been using it for ages, chances are you've wondered how to get the most out of the system. A Salesforce Administrator can help you maintain data quality, align the Salesforce platform to your business processes, and encourage user adoption. Wondering if your organization needs an Admin? Here are 5 signs you might:  

1. Half your users can't remember their passwords.


You've heard all the buzz about what Salesforce can do. You bought in so... Now what? Change is hard, and your users aren’t going to magically start using the system effectively. They need training, a game plan, and a reason to buy in. A Salesforce Admin can provide all of that and help ensure your system is utilized consistently across your organization.

2. Your Salesforce system is basically an expensive Rolodex.


Part of the beauty of Salesforce is how robust and customizable the system is. Can't find a process to accomplish what you need out of the box? You can download apps through the AppExchange, build custom objects or apps, or adjust your setup and configuration. All of these options make the Salesforce platform a powerful tool for streamlining and improving your business processes. But, if the biggest task you’re trusting it to handle is storing basic customer contact information – it’s time to get a Salesforce Admin.

3. You don't trust the data in your system.


You know that data is key when it comes to moving your business forward and increasing sales. But if it's a mess, it's not doing you any good. Make sure your data isn't just getting uploaded and forgotten with no purpose or plan for utilization. And remember — data quality deteriorates over time. You need a plan for maintaining data integrity and updating records. A Salesforce Admin can help you develop and implement a data hygiene strategy.

4. Using Salesforce seems like "busy work".



Does Salesforce feel like it's working against your company instead of for it? When employees feel like using Salesforce is just one more chore on their already lengthy to-do lists, your Salesforce investment is doomed to fizzle. A Salesforce Admin can help your users see the benefit and potential of the platform by taking advantage of its many automation, reporting, and mobile features. Once your team sees that Salesforce can save them time and provide them with better information, they’ll want to use it.  

5. You're managing your business with spreadsheets. 


Do your eyes glaze over when you’re sifting through row after row of data about your business? Are you tired of emailing spreadsheets back and forth? How about the frustration of searching for hours for a file on a drive… only to wonder if you’ve found the right version when you finally hit on it? If these problems sound familiar, you could probably make better use of Salesforce as a system of record for your business. With all your data in one place, you can run reports and set up dashboards that give you real insight into your operations. And a Salesforce Admin can make it happen.    

Think you might need an Admin?

Good news! You don’t have to hire a full-time employee. CentralApp’s Virtual Admin program gives you access to an on-call Salesforce-certified administrator for as many hours per month as you need! Pick the package that fits your needs, and we’ll pair you with one of our professional Admins who will work with you each month to accomplish your company’s goals. Your Admin will be assigned to your account, so he or she will get to know your company and your system. Contact us today to find out how you can get more out of your Salesforce investment!