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Operation Rural Tech — Conversations from the Road


From “Re-Shoring” to Relocating, Tech Industry Leaders Discuss Opportunities in Appalachia

In January, CentralApp CEO Todd Cope started a 6,514-mile journey from the heart of Appalachia to Silicon Valley. It’s a trip Cope, a West Virginia native turned Silicon Valley exec, has made before — with a few notable differences. First, this journey was a socially distant trip, complete with remote work, many, many Zoom calls, and camping in a Tesla. Second, dubbed “Operation: Rural Tech,” this trip was about more than getting from Point A to Point B. 

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11 Books for 2021

I’ve been listening to a lot of books during my Operation Rural Tech road trip. If you are looking for something interesting to read, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from business and tech. I don’t always agree with the things some of the authors on my list write, but I do believe what they’ve written is worth thinking about. I’ve provided a little summary, below, on why I like the book. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these and any recommendations for other good reads!

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