5 Reasons to Learn Salesforce Skills

If you've been on our blog before, you've probably seen us mention Salesforce. Salesforce skills are incredibly valuable. In fact, the West Virginia Department of Education now offers classes to help adults learn Salesforce as part of an effort to prepare our state's workforce for the new economy.

If you're on the fence about whether investing time and money into Salesforce training is right for you, here are five good reasons to take the leap.

Top 5 Reasons to Learn Salesforce


 No. 1: Career Growth

Jobs requiring Salesforce skills are projected to grow by 3.3. MILLION in the next few years.


No. 2: Earning Potential

Jobs requiring Salesforce skills pay well. Entry-level wages start at $15-$20 per hour. And for people with experience and advanced skills? Six-figure salaries are common.


Salesforce Average Base Salaries


No. 3: Flexibility


Working remotely is common in the tech industry. Most members of the CentralApp Talent Exchange work from home (or wherever they want).


No. 4: Versatility

Salesforce skills are useful in a wide range of career paths.

Salesforce Career Paths


No. 5: Affordable Classes

You can learn Salesforce on your own using free or low-cost resources.

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