Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Eager to build your tech career (or side hustle) but not sure where to start? Our weekly roundup of free and low-cost resources will help you grow your technical skills a little each week. This week's edition is all about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Still think of a dystopian science fiction movie when you think of AI? Think again... AI and machine learning technology are transforming the modern workplace.


Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) or "Machine Learning"

  1. Video: What is AI or Machine Learning?
  2. Make some money while you learn!: Amazon Mechanical Turk
  3. Quiz: How FutureProof is Your Skillset? 
  4. E-Course: The 4th Industrial Revolution
  5. E-Course: Learn AI with Google

Bonus: Just for Women in Tech!

10 Pieces of Advice I wish Every Woman Could Hear: There are plenty of things I wish I knew when I started working in tech 15 years ago. Jumping into any new role or working in a new industry that you're not always familiar with can feel overwhelming and even intimidating. Read the full story »

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